Praemiando Incitat - To Reward Inspires

Who Are We?

The Order of Saint Stanislas is a hierarchically organized body of men and women, many with a Polish Connection, who support and assist in charitable works of various kinds to help the poor and disadvantaged in Poland and in other countries throughout the world.

Originally a dynastic chivalric order from Poland, it is now an international charitable non-profit association in the form of a private chivalric order. As an international non-profit association, we transcend discrimination by race, religion, sex, and other prejudicial ideas. Our aims during the Cold War were focused on helping the people of Poland and it's diaspora with money from the Free World to make life more tolerable. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, our charitable works have expanded to helping the poor in all parts of the globe.

We uphold the traditions of chivalry, with each member working at themselves to be an honest and charitable person. We do not fight with the sword for all that is good or right; our weapons are our words and deeds - the examples of our actions! We espouse the idea of a worldwide brotherhood of all people on this earth, with no discrimination based on skin color, religious beliefs, political or social orientation. We strive to help others, whether it be with labor or money, wherever the need is.

Anyone who feels motivated by the principles of the Order is welcomed to contact us to apply for admission.

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