Praemiando Incitat - To Reward Inspires

How do we do it?

Each Priory (a local group), worldwide, supports a local project (or projects) in addition to contributing to an international effort based loosely on the 1765 aims of the Order - education and medical assistance for children. This has taken the form of support to orphanages, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, disaster relief efforts, food donations for the hungry, and similar activities both in their home country and Poland.


The medal of the Order is a red Maltese cross, with four white eagles between the arms with a Laurel wreath in the center around a depiction of the Bishop Stanislas who was martyred in 1079. The white eagles are a symbol of Poland from ancient times, the red Maltese cross symbolizes our willingness to shed our blood (sweat, tears and money) for our cause, the Laurel wreath the ancient symbol of victory, and the depiction of Bishop Stanislas who gave his all for the poor. The Motto of the Order, "To Reward Inspires" has the meaning that the Order recognizes the good works done and publicly recognizes the same to prompt further effort by all members to follow the principles of the Order.

Anyone who feels motivated by the principles of the Order is welcomed to contact us to apply for admission.

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