Grand Magistry

The Order is administrated and managed by the Grand Master in consultation with the Grand Magistry, the Grand Master’s decree being final (Const 1999 § 1). All members of the Grand Magistry are appointed by the Grand Master and serve at his pleasure(Const 1999 § 5).
The Grand Magistry
Grand Chancellor: Chev. Michael Michaelski, GCCStS, KPR, SCSG
Chancellor for Australasia: Chev. Philip J. Sherry, JP, GCCStS
Chancellor of (Western and Eastern) Europe: Chev. Alexander Graff de Pancsova, MD, FRCS, GCCStS
Chancellor for Latin America: Chev. Tomas L. Lorant, GCCStS
Chancellor for North America: Vacant
Grand Secretary: Vacant
Grand Bailiff: vacant (must be a lawyer)
Grand Marshal: Chev. Barry Theobald-Hicks, GCCStS
Grand Treasurer: Vacant
Grand Castellan: Chev. Denis Hoban, GCCStS
Grand Commissioner: Dame Shirley Evans
Grand Archivist: Lt. Colonel Michael Michaelski, GCCStS, KPR, SCSG
Grand Prelate: Vakant
King of Arms: Theobald-Hicks, GCCStS
Grand Constable: vacant
Grand Seneschal: Dame Barbara Hunsaker, GCCStS
Communication Director: Dr. Roger Bateman
Grand Chronicler: Chev. Count Michael Subritzky-Kusza, GCCStS
Grand Legate: Chev. Baron Joseph von Ritter zu Groenesteyn, MSc, Architect, CSStS
Grand Almoner: Dame Teresa Marvan-Lorant
Spiritual Advisor: Vacant
Grand Councillor: Chev. Jerzy Pietrak, GCCStS
Grand Councillor: Chev. Dominik Kozlowski, GCCStS
Grand Councillor: Chev. Joszef Majchrzak, GCCStS
Grand Councillor: Chev. Jose Antonio Almarza Martin Vegue, GCCStS
Grand Councillor: Vacant
For the specific functions of the members of the Grand Magitry please see the Constitution (here)