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1917 the Order was abolished by the Bolshevik Government

  Polonia restituta   When Poland regained its independence in 1918, the government abolished the Order of the Knights of St. Stanislas Bishop and Martyr due to the severe abuses of its rules by the Russians who often awarded their version to those who - according to the dominant view in newly-independent Poland - had been responsible for the destruction of Poland and Polish culture.
  Instead the Order of Polonia Restituta was established to once again reward the noble values that the original stood for. The Order was established on February 4, 1921 and the first Grand Master of the new Order Marshal Jósef Pilsudki awarded the first Orders on July 13, 1921.

The Polish Governement in Exile (United Kingdom 1940-1990) was formed in the aftermath of the invasion of Poland by German and Soviet armies. It had considerable influence in Poland through the structures of the Polish Underground State and its military arm, the Armia Krajowa (Home Army) resistance. Though largely unrecognized and without effective power after the end of World War II, it remained in existence until the end of Communist rule in Poland in 1990, in opposition to the People's Republic of Poland, a Soviet satellite state, when it formally passed on its responsibilities to the new government.

  The first President in Exile was Wladyslaw Raczkiewicz who died in office 1947. He was succeeded by August Zaleski, in 1954, political differences led to a split in the ranks of the Government in Exile. One group, claiming to represent 80% of 500,000 anti-Communist Poles exiled since the war, was opposed to President August Zaleski's continuation in office when his seven-year term expired. It formed a Council of National Unity in July 1954, and set up a Council of Three to exercise the functions of head of state, comprising Tomasz Arciszewski, General Wladyslaw Anders, and Edward Raczynski. August Zaleski
        August Zaleski
  Russian Tsars an Grand Masters   J. Sokolincki President in Exile