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  On the 22nd September 1971 August Zaleski transferred his office to his friend and Minister-in-Exile Juliusz Novina Sokolnicki instead of Stanislaw Ostrowski, who was recognised by the "Council of Three" (a body recognized by a part of emigrants as collective head of state) as President. Ostrowski is credited for uniting Polish émigree circles. He was followed by Edward Raczynski, Kasimir Sabbat and Ryszard Kaczorowski.  
  President in Exil   Translation:

To Minister Juliusz Sokolnicki in London.
Based on the constitutional law art.24 ust./1/ I nominate Mr. Minister to be the President of the Republic in case of vacancy of the office of the President of the Polish Republic before (the signature of) the peace treaty.

London 22nd of September 1971

The President of the Republic

August Zaleski (signature)

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