Chev Richard Vaughan Rowlands

The Grand Priory of Austria of the Order of St. Stanislas, has the sad duty to announce the death of

Chev. Richard Vaughan Rowlands, GCCStS,

emeritus member of the Regency Council, emeritus Ambassador at Large in Tallinn, Estonia
on November 7, 2014.

Richard was a close friend and confidant of our Eighth Grand Master Juliusz Nowina Sokolnicki and spearheaded the creation of the Grand Priory of Austria. Richard had always worked for the welfare and development of the Order and of the legacy of Grand Master Sokolnicki. The order commorates a gentleman and proud knight. Although we did not share the same dreams about the future of the Order he certainly wanted the best for the Order, the rest mainly are fainting memories of emotions.

Let us please remember a proud and extravagant and extraordinary gentleman and true knight with his heart on the right place.

We will always honor the memory of our dear departed brother Richard.

In the name of the Order of Saint Stanislas

Alexander Graff de Pancsova
Grand Prior of Austria
Chancellor of Europe

Statement of the Xth Grand Master of the OStS Ct. Waldemar Wilk, GCCSTS:

Dear chevaliers,

Very sad news to hear about our friend and fellow member of our order. His memory and spirit will forever be with us. May he rest in peace.

To Alexander Graff, it gladens me that you were with him in his last days and that you were able to help with his medical needs.

My thoughts and prayers goes to his loved one in this very difficult time.

Waldemar Wilk

Statement of the Regent of the Order , Chev. Tomás L. Lorant GCCStS, head of the Regency Council:

Dear Friends and Brethren:

I remember Richard with fond feelings. He was alway a fine gentleman. I shall certainly miss him. I have already included his soul/spirit in my prayers.
Chev. Rowlands was a long standing member of "Our Order" and a member of The Regency Council.

He certainly deserves to be remembered.

Tomas L. Lorant.